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Airway Management

Under the auspices of the Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists (SSA), the Airway Management SIG acts as a platform for anaesthetists with a particular interest and involvement in airway management to interact and share ideas. The Airway SIG aims to promote activities and enhance access to airway-related educational activities like hands-on airway workshops, continuing medical education (CME) forums, and airway talks. The Airway SIG also acts as a collaborating bridge between anaesthesiology, emergency medicine, otolaryngology (ENT) and intensive care physicians by enhancing the exchange of ideas and education through joint workshops, thereby fostering ties across disciplines. The inaugural Airway SIG event was organised by Dr Wendy Teoh on 16 Dec 2011 at the KK Hospital Simulation Centre, and featured a fun-filled CME evening of talks and hands-on intubations with flexible and rigid fibrescopes.

SSA Airway SIG 2014 plans

We would like to invite representation from each hospital (eg Airway Leads) to help organize educational airway events, collaborate on research opportunities, keep us updated of forthcoming airway courses your dept may be organizing or in conjunction/ collaboration with other departments, so that the SSA website can be a central repository of airway-related activities and resource for interested participants within Singapore & beyond our shores. We also welcome home Dr Tan Leng Zoo & Dr Zhang Jin Bin, who have completed a year of airway fellowship abroad and look forward to their dynamic contributions.

Airway SIG

Chairperson: Dr Wendy Teoh (KKH)

Dr Mah Chou LiangDr Josephine TanDr Edwin Seet
Dr Zheng Jin XiDr Mukesh ShahDr Tan Leng Zoo
Dr Addy TanDr Aaron LeeDr Jonathan Tan
A/Prof Eugene LiuDr Ted WongDr Nelson Chua
Dr Tilu Mangeshikar
Dr Zhang Jin Bin

SSA Airway SIG and Related Activities


In Singapore:

Feb 15 – 77th MOCC Emergency Airway Management Course by TTSH A+E and TTSH Anaes.
Feb 22 – FACT workshop (Fundamentals of Airway & Central line Insertion Techniques), SGH.
Mar 28 – SSA Airway SIG evening: Singapore Contributions to the 2013 Airway Literature, TTSH. (pdf)
Apr 05 – Cadaveric Advanced Airway Workshop @ Changi General Hospital.(pdf)
Apr 12 – Results of Survey on Current Management of Neuromuscular Block in Singapore (in conjunction with the College of Anaesthesiologists)
May 02-04 – ANZCA Airway Management Conference & Workshops, Marina Bay Sands (in collaboration with ANZCA Airway SIG)
May (TBA) – Advanced Fibreoptic Airway Workshop, SGH
Aug (TBA) – FACT workshop (Fundamentals of Airway & Central line Insertion Technique), SGH
Sep 06 – Inaugural TTSH-KTPH The Difficult Adult Airway Course @ SIMTAC Centre, TTSH
Sep 26 – Paediatric Airway Without Tears Workshop (in conjunction with SARC 2014)


Feb 14 – IndoAnesthesia Airway Workshop, Jakarta
May 05-09 – ANZCA ASM Conference, Marina Bay Sands (Airway Workshops – May 5). (link)
May 30-31 – EuroAnesthesia Pre-Congress Airway Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden. (link)
Sep 19-21 – Society for Airway Management (SAM) Annual Conference, Seattle, USA (link)
Oct 11-15 – ASA New Orleans (Airway Workshop Oct 13) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (link)
Nov 12-14 – Difficult Airway Society (DAS) Annual Meeting. Stratford-Upon-Avion, UK. (pdf)


Jun 12 – SSA Airway SIG, KKH, Singapore (link)

Nov 12-14 – World Airway Management Meeting (WAMM), Dublin (link)

Past CME Airway events :


Aug 13 – Lunch symposium “Making Simple the Difficult Airway” by Prof Friedrich Puhringer
Oct 31 – Airway Dinner Talk “Updates on Videolaryngoscopy” by Prof Andre Van Zundert.
Dec 16- Airway SIG evening: “Some Like it Hard..Some Like it Soft” Rigid & Flexible Fibrescopes at KK Hospital Simulation Centre.


Apr 14 – Flexible Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy Workshop, SGH
May 28 – FACT workshop (Fundamentals of Airway & Central line Insertion Techniques), SGH.
Jun 02 – The NUHS-NUS Difficult Airway Course, Centre for Health Simulation, NUS.
Aug 23 – Dinner Lecture “Current Aspects in Muscle Relaxation” Regent Hotel, Singapore.
Oct 13 – MARST Workshop (Multidisciplinary Airway Rescue Simulation Training), TTSH.
Nov 08-10 – Paediatric Airway Without Tears, KK Hospital.


Jan 12 – FACT workshop (Fundamentals of Airway & Central line Insertion Techniques), SGH .
Jun 19 – AOSRA Airway Workshop with Malaysian Airway SIG members, Kuching, Sarawak.
Jun 29 – MARST Workshop (Multidisciplinary Airway Rescue Simulation Training), TTSH.
Jul 19 – FACT workshop (Fundamentals of Airway & Central line Insertion Techniques), SGH.(pdf)
Jul 22 – Advanced Fiberoptic Airway Workshop, SGH. (pdf)
Oct 30 – ASEAN Congress (18th ACA) Airway workshop. (link)

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